Our Story

The rich tradition of The Spa At The Hotel Hershey has inspired collections of treatments. Become part of our story as you experience the luxury of each one.

Everything ChocolateEverything Chocolate Treatments
The Spa At The Hotel Hershey, affectionately known as The Chocolate Spa by our guests, features a variety of chocolate-infused treatments in honor of our rich chocolate history here in Hershey, The Sweetest Place on Earth. Sink into a frothy Whipped Cocoa Bath and sip some of our famously delicious hot chocolate as you lounge between treatments. Inhale the rich chocolate aromas specifically designed and used at The Chocolate Spa to put a twist on traditional spa treatments such as the Cocoa Facial Experience and the Cocoa Massage. View Everything Chocolate treatments.

Rose GardenRose Garden Collection Treatments
Our rose garden inspiration stems from Milton S. Hershey's wife, Catherine's love for roses. In addition, essential oil of rose has been used for thousands of years for its exquisite aroma and natural healing powers. Rich in antioxidants, rose oil encourages radiant, healthy skin, which makes it the perfect element for these soothing and uplifting experiences. Restore your skin as you enjoy treatments like the Anti-Aging Facial, Hydrotherapy Bath, and Body Wrap. View Rose Garden treatments.

Cuban ExperienceCuban Experience Treatments
Our Cuban treatments draw from Milton S. Hershey’s connection to Cuba and the plantations and mills there that supplied sugar for his chocolate factory. Breathe in the exotic warmth of jasmine as you luxuriate in a Noche Azul Soak. Refresh your skin and your spirit with a combination of invigorating lime and sugar in the innovative Mojito Sugar Scrub and Mojito Body Wrap. Or, enjoy the full body sweet treat of a Chocolate Sugar Scrub. View Cuban treatments.

Country AbundanceCountry Abundance Treatments
Hershey is known for the abundant farmlands that ensure a fresh, quality supply of milk for our chocolate. Milk is also known for its skin softening and soothing properties, as you’ll experience with our hydrating Milk & Honey Soak and pampering Milk & Honey Wrap treatments. The field and flowers of Hershey are also represented in our skin-quenching Herbal Meadows Hydrotherapy and our softly soothing Hershey Gardens Rose Petal Soak. View Country Abundance treatments.